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Baby Boomers will Take You Down on this Quiz

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This quiz shows that it’s not just the Gen Zs, Gen Xers and the Millenials that can have all the fun. This quiz is an opportunity to relive those forms of entertainment, catchphrases and other things that will trigger your memory with our baby boomer quiz.

Baby Boomers will Take You Down on this Quiz

This will keep you excited, and all mushy. If you are naturally a hyperactive person, this is also a time to relax, go down memory lane and reminisce the good old times. For this, only the Baby Boomers can draw from the well of nostalgia to channel their inner youth and they will ace this quiz.

Now, let’s start quiz, shall we?

Baby Boomer Quiz

Mickey Mouse Club

  1. What movie company introduced the Mickey Mouse club?

Answer: Disney

  1. What were the main characters of the Mickey Mouse Club called?

Answer: Mouseketeers

  1. Who was the theme Music composer?

Answer: Jimmie Dodd

Penny Loafers

What were the most common shoes in the 1950s?

Answer: Penny Loafers

What made the Penny Loafers different from other shoes that came before it?

Answer: small heels, open ankles, no laces, decoration

Original Barbie Doll

Who created the original Barbie Doll?

Answer: Ruth Handler

What is the original Barbie Doll’s full name?

Answer: Barbara Millicent Roberts

What doll was produced after the Original Barbie Doll?

Answer: Ken

Who was the doll named after?

Answer: Handler’s daughter, Barbara

Potato Man

Question: Was Mr Potato Head the first toy to be advertised on TV?

Answer: Mr Potato Head

Question: What was the real Potato Head originally called?

Answer: Funny Face Man

Question: The toy is made from what?

Answer: Plastic

Question: The character was targeted at what kind of audience?

Answer: It was directed at children

What are the physical characteristics of Original Mr. Potato Head

What was the wig of the original potato head made of?

Answer: Horse hair

  • TV Dinner

Question: What was the first “TV Dinner” to hit the supermarket in the 1950s?

Answer: Swanson’s Frozen Dinner

Question: What is the alternative name for “TV Dinner”?

Answer: Frozen Meal

Question: Which company introduced it?

Answer: First Swanson-brand

Question: Who coined the name “TV Dinner”?

Answer: Gerry Thomas

Little Orphan Annie

What was the name of Little Annie’s Dog?

Answer: Sandy

Who created the comic, Little Orphan Annie?

Answer: Harold Gray

In what year was Little Orphan Annie adapted from stage to the screen?

Answer: 1982

Where does Little Orphan Annie reside?

Answer: New York City

What is the name of the woman that runs the orphanage?

Answer: Miss Agatha Hannigan

  • Silent Generation:

What era did this generation live in?

Answer: During the World War II/The Great Depression

What’s another name for the silent generation?

Answer: The Radio Babies or Traditionalists

  • Chuck Taylor:

Who was Chuck Taylor?

Answer: A basketball player and basketball shoe salesman.

His name is attached to what product?

Answer: Chuck Taylor All-stars/ Converse All Star

  • Ed Sullivan Show

On what day of the week was the Ed Sullivan show?

Answer: Sunday Nights

What time did the Ed Sullivan show air?

Answer: 8 pm

What was the show formerly called?

Answer: Toast of the Town

What was the name of the host of the TV show?

Answer: Edward Vincent Sullivan

What year did the show come to an end?

Answer: 1971

  • James Dean:

Who was James?

Answer: An actor

What was James’ most celebrated movie?

Answer: A Rebel without Cause

What was his first TV appearance?

Answer: A Pepsi Cola Commercial

  • Super Ball

What year was the Super Ball invented?

Answer: 1964

Who invented the Super Ball?

Answer: Norman Stingley

  • Cassettes Tapes

Cassettes Tapes was developed by which company?

Answer: The Phillips Company

What year were Cassette tapes produced?

Answer: 1962

What was the original purpose of cassette tapes?

Answer: Dictation/Audio Recording

What was the biggest selling cassette player?

Answer: Sony Walkman

How many programs or sides does an eight-track cassestte tape have?

Answer: Four programs

  • Cabinet Members

Among the cabinet members in the US House of Representatives, which generation has the highest representation?

Answer: The Boomers

How many Boomers are in congress?

Answer: 298 of 532 (56% of all the seats)

Which cabinet member is a baby boomer?

Answer: Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader

  • Howdy Doody Show

What was the show named after?

Answer: A wooden puppet

Who created the show?

Answer: Robert E. Smith

What’s the response to the call, “Say kids! What time is it?”

Answer: It’s Howdy Doody Time!”

Who was a girlfriend to Howdy Doody?

Answer: Polka Dottie

What were the other puppet characters in the Howdy Doody show?


Heidi Doody

Phineas T. Bluster

Petey Bluster

Petey Bluster

Don Jose Bluster

Thaddeus Bluster

Hector Hamhock Bluster

Princess Summerfall Winterspring

Dilly Dally

Inspector John J. Fadoozle

Chief Thunderthud and Chief Featherman

J. Cornelius Cobb

Sandra, the witch

Capt. Windy Scuttlebut


  • Hulla Hoop:

What is a Hula hoop?

Answer: It’s a toy hoop that’s twirled around the limbs or neck to make rhythmic movements.

What year was the Hula Hoop popularized?

Answer: 1958

Who first marketed the Hula Hoop?

Answer: Wham-o

Who were the founders of the Wham-o company?

Answer: Richard Knerr and Arthur “Spud” Melin

  • Pop Culture

What was the first consumer generation?

Answer: Baby Boomers

Mention one Black Female baby boomer who has influenced pop culture.

Answer: Oprah Winfrey

The phrase about the one-armed man was from which show?

Answer: The Fugitive

  • Nixon Administration:

Whose administration witnessed the Watergate scandal?

Answer: U.S. President Richard M. Nixon’s administration

Who was Deep Throat in the scandal of Nixon’s Administration?

Answer: The source allegedly provided leaks to journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.

Richard Nixon belonged to which party?

Answer: The Republican

What year did Richard Nixon assume office?

Answer: 1969

  • Sean Connery

Who was the first actor to portray fictional British agent James Bond on film?

Answer: Sir Sean Connery

What was Sean Connery’s original name?

Answer: Thomas Connery


  • Robert Crumb

Who was Robert  Crumb?

Answer: A cartoonist

  • Popular Doll

Who created this popular Doll, Dam Dolls?

Answer: Thomas Dam

What popular doll came with bright hair, belly button jewels and gnarled faces?

Answer: Troll dolls

Which doll was a talking doll in the Boom era?

Answer: Chatty Cathy

Who created the Super Ball?

Answer: Albert C. Carter

  • Boomer TV shows:

As a baby boomer can you remember some of those shows you loved rushing home to watch? Here goes!

When did Three’s Company debut?
Answer: 1977

What inspired the show?

Answer: The British sitcom, Man about the House

What were the names of the three major characters?

Answer: Tripper, Snow and Wood

What inheritance did the yuppie’s long-lost cousin leave behind in the drama film, Baby Boom?

Answer: A fourteen-month-old baby girl

Who voiced the Speedy Alka Seltzer mascot commercial?

Answer: Richard Beala

The name of the Alka-Seltzer boy was changed from ‘Sparky’ to what?

Answer: Speedy

What genre of film is Star Trek?

Answer: Science Fiction

Star Trek first featured on which network?

Answer: NBC

What is the setting of Star Trek?

Answer: Milky Way galaxy, circa 2266-2269

Who was the captain of Star Trek?

Answer: Captain James

  • Jimi Hendrix

Who was Jimi Hendrix?

Answer: He was an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter

What was his’s genre of music?

Answer: A fusion of blues, jazz, rock and soul

How many records did he release in his lifetime?
Answer: Three (Are you Experienced, Axis: Gold as Love, and Electric Lady Land)

What was his major playing quirk?

Answer: He played his guitar upside down

  • Rotary Telephone

Who invented the rotary dial system?

Answer: Almond Brown Strowger

What year was the rotary telephone introduced?

Answer: 1919

What is the standard form of the rotary dial?

Answer: A disk three inches in diameter with 10 holes

When did the rotary telephone get popular?

Answer: mid-1950s

Which number takes the longest to dial on a rotary telephone?

Answer: 0

  • Original Mouseketeers

Who created the Club?

Answer: The Late Walt Disney

Mention 5 of the Original Mouseketeers

Answer: Annette Funicello, Johnny Crawford, Tommy Cole, Dickie  Dodd and Doreen Tracy

Who was the host and songwriter of the Club?

Answer: Jimmie Dodd

What’s the name of Mickey Mouse Club’s theme song?

Answer: Mickey Mouse March

  • True Baby Boomers Know what kind of Automobiles Trended in their Day

What automobiles had tail fins in the 1950s and 1960s?

Answer: Cars

What was the first car with tail fins?

Answer: Cadillac

Penny Loafers

What are the unique features of a typical penny Loafers shoe for the Baby Boomer?

Answer: No laces, open ankles, small heels and decorations

Why were penny loafers called penny loafers?

Answer: Students were fond of putting a coin in the strap’s slot of the shoe

What Disney Cartoon had a character named Penny?

Answer: The Rescuers

A character named Penny wore what in the cartoon, the Rescuers?

Answer: A white polo shirt, blue sleeveless dress, frilly white panties, gray stockings and brown shoes

  • Popular Artist

Mention five popular artists that got the Boomer Generation all groovy

Answer: Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Madonna, Prince, Bob Marley

What Popular Artist in the Boomer Generation sang ‘Let’s Dance’?

Answer: David Bowie

What popular artist created the pop art movement?

Answer: Keith Haring

Which American artist was popular for using bright colors in his paintings?

Answer: Peter Max Keith


  • Sally Field:

Who is Sally Field?

Answer: An actress

She’s best known for which TV and film roles?

Answer: ‘Gidget’, ‘The Flying Nun’, ‘Smokey and the Bandit’, ‘Sybil’ and ‘Places in the Heart’

  • Buddy Holly:

What is Buddy Holly’s real name?

Answer: Charles Hardin Holley

What is the name of the group that Buddy Holly formed?

Answer: Buddy and Bob

  • Boomer Companies and Brands

Which company Introduced the Banana seat?

Answer: Schwinn Company

Which company created the Beetle

Answer: Volkswagen AG (VOW)

What car company got many boomers their first car?

Answer: Volkswagen AG (VOW)

What was the name of the car?

Answer: The Volkswagen Beetle

Who was the lead engineer of the Volkswagen Beetle?

Answer: Ferdinand Porsche

What skincare product were baby boomers using?

Answer: Noxzema

  • Johnny Cash

What genre of music did he sing?

Answer: Country Music, Rock and roll, blues, folk and gospel sounds

What was his significant achievement?

Answer: The Johnny Cash  Show

  • Correction Fluid

Who invented the first correction fluid?

Answer: Bette Nesmith Graham

Which brand produced the correction fluid?

Answer: Liquid Paper

  • Questions on Shows Only a True Baby Boomer can Relate To

Name three Boomer TV shows

Lost in Space

Get Smart

The Mod Squad

What was the first toy advertised on TV?

Answer: Mr Potato Head

Who manufactured the Original Potato Head?

Answer: George Lerner

Which company introduced the Original Potato Head?

Answer: Hasbro/ Playskool/ PPW Toys

  • Academy Award

    Which movie won Sally Field an Academy award?

    Answer: Places in the Heart

    Best Selling Authors of the Boom Generation

Who is the best-selling author of One Hundred Years of Solitude?

Answer: Garcia Marquez

Who is the best-selling author of Betrayed by Rita Hayworth?

Answer: Manuel Puig

  • Old Movies of the Boomers

What are some of the old movies of the Boomers?

‘The Graduate’, ‘East Rider’, ‘The Godfather, ‘All the president’s men,’ ‘Annie Hall’


  • Who Sang What?

Which singer sang “What’d I say”?

Answer: Ray Charles

Which singer sang “Like a Rolling Stone”?

Answer: Bob Dylan

  • Duck’s ass

What is duck’s ass?

Answer: A men’s hairstyles

  • Which of the different draft classification status of the ’60s would be qualified to serve in Vietnam

A. 5-A

B. 4-D

  • C. 4-C

D. 1-A

Answer: D.

  • Which Generation came after the boomer’s generation?

Answer: The Gen Xers

  • Which of the following styles of Converse Chuck Taylor would you want to rock?

A. White Low-tops

B. Black high-tops

C. Red high-tops

D. All of the above

  • If you know what makes a True baby boomer, follow through with this quiz

    A True baby boomer is:

    1. Born between the year 1946- 1964
    2. Non-conformist
    3. Highly influential in popular culture


  • Which parents pop culture rubbed off on the subsequent generation?

    A. The Boomer Parents pop culture rubbed off in areas like fashion, TV show, politics, entertainment and so on

    Which amusement park was open in California in the year 1955?

    Answer: Disney Land


Which of the following is an original mouseketeer?

A. Johnny Crawford

B. Britany Spears

C. Christinna Aguillera

D. Jennifer Lopez

Answer: Johnny Crawford

What was V Hold knob used for?

A. Labelling Cassette tapes

B. Testing Acidity in Chemistry class

C. Fix the image on the Television

D. Fixing Typos

Answer: C

Which of this is a phrase used by Baby Boomers?

A. Rattle

B. Dawg

C. Groove

D. None of the above

Answer: Rattle (which means to dance)


Which of the following is not a style from the Boomer Generation?

A. Button-up shirts

B. Penny loafers

C. Poddle skirts

D. Bump shorts

Answer: Bump shorts

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