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Who’d you rather questions

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Would you rather questions remain an ideal way to start a funny and interesting conversation? While not everyone can hold conversations or start a discourse, it’s easy to get people talking by starting with ‘why’ ‘what’ would you, and other question markers. You are likely to get some interesting answers and learn more from the person you are talking to.

Moreover, if you are in a group, and bored, you can take turns asking would you rather questions. This will provide an educational avenue where you can all learn from one another.

People also resort to truth or dare questions and other trivia questions to go along.

Here we will show different would you rather questions based on different categories, read on.

Different types of which would you rather have questions?

Here are some good examples of ‘which would you rather have :

Would you rather live your entire life and decide your own future, than place it on fate?

This is a good question that will probe what people place ahead in their life, helping with average pay, or compromising and being rich. It’s a nice question to ask people.

Which would you rather have between having a million dollars in your account and living to 50 and making 100 dollars monthly for 100 years?

Well, this is quite a difficult question to ask because your colleague will have to choose between riches and a long time. The answers to these questions can be funny and entertaining.

Which would you rather have between landing your dream job in a tech firm and working remotely with a startup?

Everyone has their job which they have set their hearts on since childhood, however, how many people can survive it? However remote work is rather your only mode of earning gives freedom, but would you love to work with a startup?

Which would you rather have after using the toilet, a toilet paper or a bowl of water?

After finishing using the loo, it’s proper and hygienic to clean yourself help. However, there is a choice between having tissue paper to clean up and using water. So which would you prefer?

Which would you rather have between having your future in your hands or leaving it to fate?

Life they say is mysterious and has many complications. Many people believe everything in this life is by fate, while others would rather have it in their hands, what’s your choice?

Which would you rather have between marrying the smartest person in the world or the most beautiful person in the world?

This is quite tricky because everybody wants a bit of the two worlds. Choosing between brain and beauty is a hard task for many. Would you marry a smart monkey or a beautiful bimbo?

Different types of What would you rather examples?

Here are some great examples of what would you rather have :

What would you rather have between being the funniest person alive and the bravest person alive?

Everyone has those personal traits which they love. However, since we can’t have it all we have choices. So which suits you, cracking jokes or being brave?

What would you rather have, between living your whole life in Hawaii or staying in the Bahamas?

Which the numerous places of attractions in the world, tourists are usually confused about where to spend their vacation. Is it the chilling ocean in Hawaii, or the amazing city of Bahamas?

What would you rather have as your favorite musical instrument, the piano or the violin?

Music opens the partway to the soul and most people want to play at least one type of instrument in their lifestyle. Which ones do you wish to have?

What would you rather have in your life, more money or long life?

This is quite tricky to answer because of several reasons. Money is very crucial Because it can solve world hunger and can do almost everything. Living a long time is also the dream of everyone that’s why many people invest in their health. If you have to choose between the two, which would you choose?

What would you rather have for breakfast, sour milk with bacon or chocolate and sausages?

Since most people prefer having light meals in the morning, choosing which meals to have can be difficult. Would you take sour mild with some honey or just some sausages and chocolate?

Kinds of what questions should I ask in 20 questions?

Here are some great questions to ask when mandated to ask 20 questions:

Would you rather eat meat or fish daily?

There have been some medical assertions that eating fish is more healthy than meat, while some health experts have debunked such news, and some say it works. Which do you love among these proteins?

Would you rather have a best friend who tells the truth and stands by you irrespective of the problem or one that ignores your weakness?

Everyone deserves that friend who will be there for them always, however not all of us can stand truthful friends. So do you want someone that lampoon’s you when you mess up or one that ignores your weakness?

Would you rather have a photographic memory or the ability to convince others easily?

There are many talents available and unfortunately, we can’t have all of them. Depending on your personality, it’s easier to have one rather than another. Would you rather want the power to remember things easily or the ability to change people’s minds?

Would you rather drink sour milk when ill or take energy drinks?

With the funny weather around many people are prone to illnesses of various degrees. Many doctors have advised that taking sour milk and energy drinks can help with fever. Which would you prefer during the period?

Would you rather be the smartest kid in the class or the richest kid?

Being smart is one of the most desirable traits many kids yearn more. For many people to look towards you for academic help is appealing. However, it’s also nice to be a wealthy kid who doesn’t lack anything and comes to class with the Latest clothes and gadgets.

Would you rather have just enough money to leave your life or be the wealthiest person in your country?

The importance of money cannot be underrated and everyone hopes to have enough to take care of themselves. However with money comes huge responsibilities, would you want too much money or just enough to pass by?

Would you rather have questions remains the best way to learn new things? When you and your friends are bored, you can use these questions to have fun and learn more about others.

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